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Global Green New Deal

The world is in crisis. Climate catastrophe, unprecedented global inequality and the Covid-19 pandemic are ravaging the lives and lands of the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities.

This November, world leaders are meeting in Glasgow for two weeks of global climate talks, at the 2021 UN Climate Summit (COP26). This is one of the last opportunities for world leaders to meaningfully commit to tackling the climate crisis, by making plans to transform our societies and economies. The decisions made will decide the fate of billions: who is to be sacrificed, who will escape, and who will make a profit.

Together with our partners and allies in the Global South, War on Want is campaigning – at the UN Climate Summit and beyond for a Global Green New Deal to deliver climate justice, by reordering our economies to protect both people and the planet. We must uproot the systems of exploitation and oppression which keep the majority of the world’s population in poverty, while lining the pockets of corporates and rich shareholders; and ensure a just transition to clean energy, that protects both workers and the environment.

Take action today

Global day for climate justice poster

COP26: Get involved

All marches & events for COP26 and the people's summit, in Glasgow and online.

Take part
Protester at climate march holds up placard reading "Mi Futuro esta en sus manos" (My future is in your hands)

Join us in calling for a Global Green New Deal

Add your name to our call to put people and planet first.

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Boris Johnson green washing

Pressure the PM for Climate Justice at COP26

The time to tackle the climate crisis is running out. As world leaders gather at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. This is our chance.

Pressure the PM
Cerra de Pasco mine

Demand a just energy transition for all

Tell Alok Sharma we need a justice based transition to 'clean' energy

Email Alok Sharma
Parliament flooded cc

Tell Parliament to act for climate justice now

MPs play an essential role in holding the UK government to account, demand climate justice at COP26 Climate Summit.

Email your MP

Stop corporate courts from destroying the planet

Abolish secret courts before they destroy the planet

Sign the petition
Oil Refinery at Dawn by Iguanasan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Demand the UK does its fair share for climate justice

Call for a climate plan that puts people and planet over profit

Add your name

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Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation (AEER) is an environmental NGO that struggles for improvements in the management of natural resources to help build sustainable relationships between communities and their environment. It undertakes research and defends the rights of communities negatively impacted by extractivist policies and companies.

Association for Social Research and Action (Nomadesc), Colombia

In Colombia, more than five million people have been forced from their homes by violence and extreme poverty, made refugees in their own country. Rural Colombians have lost huge swathes of land. This humanitarian crisis and the needs of displaced people are well known in Colombia. The Social Research and Action Association (Asociacion para la investigacion y la accion social – Nomadesc) works to fix this massive disadvantage. By bringing these vulnerable groups together, Nomadesc unites and raises the voices of these communities. By strengthening the ties between the groups and giving them the tools to defend their human rights, communities are better able to protect themselves from violence and displacement. War on Want has supported Nomadesc in their work investigating violations of human rights and working to strengthen social movements through popular education initiatives.


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